19 Best scientifically effective way of child motivation

19 Best scientifically effective way of child motivation

19 Best scientifically effective way of child motivation-


Today we will learn about child motivation in depth. Before that we really need to know that what motivates your child mean?  Like it’s not just you will temporarily motivate your child but you need to know the right process to get your child motivated. I can assure that after reading this article you will know how to motivate your child who is a bit unmotivated.

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Best way of child motivation

The best motivation for a child is their parents. They(parents) have to be a good role model for their child in order to increase their child’s motivation. And the process of how to motivate your child is given below in step by step please follow and go through each step to get really benefited. And you as a parent need to have a clear thought of why your child needs motivation and what efforts you can give to make your child motivated. After deciding of above two questions you can proceed to below steps to motivate your child. And  if you need to know about a proper knowledge about motivation then read this article.

19 step by step way begins:

1. Making of a Friendly Attachment- 

Firstly it is suggested that as a parent you have to be a very good friend of your child. You need to know what your child’s thought are so for that you need to spend some amount of quality time with your children in a daily basis. It is hard to get relieve from your work but this is a mandatory process to give your child a motivation.

child motivation
Motivation For Kids

2. Building Of Sharing Behavior

Once you follow the first step psychologically sharing behavior will be built up in your child. Although you need make it a little more to motivate your child. You need to share your past good incidents which made you motivated and more mature. And which stories can make your child also the same. So it will be a very good lesson for them. And in this way you will make a very strong bond with your child and your child will also share with you his/her stuffs.

3. Goal Setting 

In order to give motivation for your kids after making of a strong bond with your child you can help your child to select their goals. You need to make them understand why and how something is good or bad for them. You need to clarify their questions like why they shouldn’t do this or that. And how something is good for them. You just clarify this questions, and they will automatically decide which is good for them. child motivational quotes

4.  Need

Once you see that your child has decided any kind of short term goal or long term goal,  you need to help them to understand this two question a) how the goal is needed to them. b) is it a real need or just a temporary need By understanding the basis of the need they will go further with their goal. And this help them in life that what is important to them.

5. Achievement 

See as a grown up adult you know the struggle that you have to do on the basis of your goal but your child doesn’t know that. Your child should also be cleared about how much struggle they need to do for achieving a goal. For that you need to help your child to understand the process of achieving the goal and how they can do that. And motivate them to do what you think is right for them. child motivation

6. Success Party

Actually this part really matters a lot. Because this help your child to understand you and to be friendly with you. If you are happy that your child has achieved a small goal also you need to express it by giving a small success party and that will make them understand how friendly you are with them and how happy you are in their happiness. And motivate them for the next goal to achieve.

7. Depression

While talking about child motivation this step also come into picture that in case of your child has not achieved a goal that doesn’t mean he/she can’t do anything else than that you have to set up your mind and encourage them to do a lot. There are many situations which can lead your child to depression. In case of losing a goal or getting low marks in exams or by scolding of somebody that can happen. But you need to stand by them and make them understand what really matters in life.

8. Bullying and Manner

It is seen in many children that they don’t know what motivation and inspiration means. While they start to bully others fellow mate and it is lead them to have bad manners. You need to be careful with that and build your child’s manner from their home. Bad manner will not let your child to get motivated.

9. Social Sharing

You can teach your child how to help others whenever possible by demonstrating yourself first. When they know how to help others they will remain positive and that will not let them sad very quickly.

10. Thought Encouragement

Actually your children really need a lot of encouragement to think of their dreams. It happens with many children that they are not getting the proper support from their parents to think of their dream. So you need to encourage them to stay positive and think of their thoughts. And for that you need to free of stress to give them encouragement.child motivation

11. Positive Thinking

Not just thinking you have to make them understand what positive thinking is. Like its not just think positively “you have to make it count by doing hard work and you are ready to do for your goal no matter how hard it is” that you make your child understand.

12. Value of Time

As a parent You have to tell your life story how you killed your time and that will make them understand how valuable is time and that’s how they will learn how to use and value of their time. child motivation

13. Judge and Respect

For your child’s motivation you need to teach them not to judge too quickly and to give respect to others thoughts also. That will help them to always remain in a good mood.

14. Love and Empowerment

You know how much you love your kids but sometime they also need to know a bit about your feelings. So you need to express a bit of your feelings. And empower them to do a lot in their life.

15. Reinforcement

This psychological term effects a lot in children’s brain. Like When you see your child has done very good in certain field you have to give them some encouraging words or give them some amount of gift or something that will help them to do a lot more which is called reinforcement. You have to do that someway.

16. Decision Making

For child motivation you need to help them to make a good decision which is good for them whenever a topic comes  to decide you teach them to make two tables two make the decision in the first table you tell them to write positive about the topic and in other table tell them to write negative and by comparing they can decide themselves that they should take the decision or not.

17. Educational Motivation

Do not compare your child with others. Because that will impact a bad effect on them. You just tell them what their faults are, with reason and how they can improve it. That will have a good impact on them. And you can tell many quotes for your kids to inspire them. Or you can tell them these study tips 

18. Skill Development

Side by side you need to look after on their skills. And talk to professionals how to increase some particular skill. But remember do not over pressure them for anything. child motivation

19. Punishment

After following all the previous steps don’t forget them  give them small punishment also and boost them to not follow their faults again.

5 Parenting tips to increase your child’s motivation-

  • Try to go through your child’s situation to give them a better motivation.
  • Tell them good moral stories.
  • Spend some time with them to make them listen to your words.
  • Give them logical reason about good and bad things.
  • Try to be a role model for your child’s motivation.

Final Thoughts On Child Motivation-

The above steps are researched and scientifically proved. In my opinion if you follow these steps strictly you will get benefited and you can see the results immediately. Don’t forget to give your opinion about this article and if you found this article helpful please share with others and let us know which part did you found interesting and if you have any question comment below. Thank you.

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