How To Do Meditation Properly With Best Guidance Of 2020

How To Do Meditation Properly With Best Guidance Of 2020

How To Do Meditation Properly With Best Guidance Of 2020-

Before We Start To Describe How To Do Meditation:-

Do you really have information about how to do meditation? If you really want to know how to do meditation properly then you have come across the right place.

In this article, we will discuss some techniques and some strategies that will really help you to understand the way to do meditation.

You have gone through much information which told you the way to do meditation but I am sure that none of them were helpful. But no worries because here you will get the right information to do meditation properly.

how to do meditation

But before going to the topic directly I would like to let you know your reason why you want to do meditation.

You have to be very very clear with your reasons why you should do this and you should know also how this can be benefited for you.

In this article, I will discuss 9 steps that will help you to understand how to do meditation. And later on in this article, you will come to know the frequently asked questions about this topic.

How do I start meditating:-

There are certain ways or steps you can call it by which you can do meditation properly.

And this article I have discussed the right and effective ways on how to do meditation properly and let me tell you the amazing part in this which is the ways or process which is discussed in this article are signified by our meditation experts.

What to think about while meditating:-

While meditating we get a lot of thoughts in our mind. But the food meditating you have to be clear about what you want from meditation. Meditation has a lot of benefits but not for all who just do it.

how to do meditation

If you have cleared your mind from all of your thoughts and you just want to concentrate on your breathing and self-realization then it is a right meditation what you are doing.

You don’t have to think about anything while meditating. What you have to do it is concentrate on yourself that’s it.

9 Steps To Know More About How To Do Meditation Process-

Now we will briefly discuss the meditation process by 9 steps. If you read these steps you will surely understand how you can do the meditation properly.

1. Get Your Thoughts Clear About Benefits Of Meditation:-

First of all, you need to know the reason or the result you want to achieve out of any work. As there are a lot of benefits of meditation but before going to that you just clear your thoughts about what you want to achieve from meditation.

When we have a clear vision of our goal then it is very easy to achieve that.

Let me tell you the magical part is that you can achieve the ultimate power of your mind by only meditation.

Meditation is something which relaxes our mind. Today’s world every people get stressed easily with many small problems in their life. You can meditate to relieve your stress.

And moreover, meditation can actually make you get out of anxiety depression and so many other emotional problems. that is why you need to clear your thoughts or goal before doing meditation.

how to do meditation

2. Find The Place:-

So if you have clear your thoughts about the benefit of meditation which you want to get then in the next step you need to find a place where you will meditate.

Finding a place is very important in this case because you have to be in such a place when nobody will disturb you where you will be at very peace with your mind.

We have many places around ourselves but all the places are not appropriate for meditation.

As well as there are many places which we like to go to which we like to spend time in those places so you can choose the place which you like the most and where nobody will disturb you and you can concentrate on yourself.

3. Get Ready With Your Proper Wearing:-

The third step is to wear proper clothes. If you are not comfortable with your wearing then you can not do meditation properly.

It is very seen that most people like to wear light dresses which are simple wearing.

It’s not comfortable about your wearing then you cannot concentrate on yourself properly as in meditation you have to concentrate on your breathing or on a particular point or on a thought.

how to do meditation

4. Find Something To Sit On:-

You cannot do meditation by just standing. You have to sit on something which is comfortable according to you.

Find something to sit on like a cushion or something like that then it will be easy to be comfortable on what you are sitting and you will be able to concentrate on your breathing.

The first process of meditation is to be comfortable with yourself. We do meditation to know ourselves better to be happy within ourselves.

5. Use Something To Concentrate:-

I personally preferred scented candles odd normal candles. You can use any type of candles which you want or flowers also you can use. Actually the use of candles is flowers and anything like that is is just to make you relax.

If you do this step then you will feel free of stress and you can easily concentrate on your breathing on your mind.

For concentrating on anything you need to be free of your stress so it is very important to relax or to calm yourself before doing the meditation steps.

6. Concentrate On Breathing:-

We have to know first that what do we do in meditation. So at first, you have to clear your mind then make yourself comfortable and relaxed. After that while sitting on a cushion or something like that concentrate on your breathing.

By meditation, you will definitely build a concentration power of your mind by which you can concentrate on any work for a particular time, and then you can make your mind clear from the work also.

how to do meditation

You don’t have to think about anything at that moment when you are concentrating on your breathing. Just inhale and exhale the breath.

If you do this particular time with your full concentration at your breathing then you will surely get benefited from meditation.

7. Try Not To Overthink:-

For beginners who start meditation, they feel this problem very often. When we try to concentrate on something we get distracted by our own mind and own thoughts.

As human beings, we cannot control our minds as we want easily but if we do meditation properly for a while then it is very easy to control our minds or our thoughts.

At first, you will face this problem that queen you try to concentrate on your breathing I will get immediately distracted by your own thought you will get many thoughts in your mind at that situation but you have to overcome this that is why we do meditation.

how to do meditation properly


You can think about one thought of your mind but just concentrate on that particular thought only without concentrating on your breathing. Or you can do this type of meditation also by concentrating on a particular point.

Just imagine a point or a light it in your brain than try to concentrate on that imagination point and forget about everything besides you or around you. You have to build your focusing power by meditation.

8. Be Aware Of Your Body structure:-

Usually, when we do meditation after 3 to 4 minutes our body structure gets affected.

The way we set before the meditation but after 5 minutes we are not in the same position our head goes down sometimes and sometimes we cannot sit straight also.

how to do meditation properly

What is the proper way of meditation is not something like that you have to sit straight you have to do your head up and then concentrate on your breathing.

So in this case you have to be aware of your body structure. For beginners, it will be very hard for about the first one week then by practicing you will get the perfect posture of sitting.

9. Use Timer (Optional):-

This step is optional for me because personally I don’t like any disturbance by an alarm or something like that.

But you can use a timer for your understanding purpose that how much time you are concentrating and how much time you are wasting.

So if you do meditation within a time limit then you can train your brain easily. Some people like using a timer and some people don’t like this process. You can choose on your own a which suits you and your comforts.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Do Meditation Properly:-

I have discussed some frequently asked questions below and these questions are asked on many social media platforms like Quora, Medium, etc.

how to do meditation properly

How do beginners meditate at home?

Ans. If you are at home then that’s really awesome because all you have to do it just find a comfortable and peaceful place within your house when no one will disturb you and you can easily concentrate on yourself.

If you are a beginner or not a beginner does follow those Step Up processes to get the real benefit out of meditation.

Can you teach yourself to meditate?

Ans. Yes of course you can teach yourself to meditate as in our brain is in our hand only and we can train the brain as we want but for this all you have to do is meditation. Here we have already discussed how you can do it. so I hope this will help.

What are the steps to meditation?

Ans. Yes, there are a few steps to meditate. Meditation is something by which you can relieve your stress and you can get out of depression, anxiety, or any other disturbing thoughts of your mind.

We have discussed a few steps to make you understand how to meditate properly. I hope that will help.

how to do meditation properly

Final Thoughts On How To Do Meditation Properly-

As my final words, I would like to tell that whatever the strategies or process that has been discussed above are examined and if you follow the process then you can easily get benefited.

I personally tested those methods and truly speaking if you know the right way to do meditation then you can achieve the ultimate power of your mind.

You cannot even imagine if you follow and try the process then you can have a new you born of yourself.

If you found this article helpful in please do share among your friends and family. And if you have any queries then please do give your valuable feedback or questions. I would love to read your valuable feedbacks.

I hope this article helped you. Thank you.

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