How to relieve stress quickly in just 7 Easy steps

How to relieve stress quickly in just 7 Easy steps

How to relieve stress quickly in just 7 Easy steps :-


If you are feeling your head full of stress and you want to know how to relieve stress  then I insist you please go through the article for just 2 minutes you will get all information about how you can get rid of stress. Copping stress is not easy for some people and sometimes it is good to not get rid of stress as there are some types of positive stress also. For your understanding’s sake, I will divide the topic into 3 parts. But for relieving stress we need to know a bit about stress.

What Is stress:

  • Stress is a situation that arises when demands exceed the personal or social resources an individual can mobilize.
  • Stress is our mind and body’s response or reaction to a real or imagined threat, event or change.
  • Stress is the body’s way of rising to a challenge and preparing to meet a tough situation with focus, strength, stamina and heightened alertness.
  • Different people ‘feel’ different stress levels for the same situation
  • Feeling and depth of stress is felt through the perception of mind
  • Stress is mostly due to either fear of future or worry about the past and not so much due to present moment.

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Process Of Stress With Two Example

1. Car radiator heats up engine shuts down add coolant functions efficiently

2. Stress builds up body and mind shut down we lack the enthusiasm to do things Diffuse stress through a positive attitude

how to get rid of stress

how to relieve stress










Ways on how to relieve stress:


When you are having stress then you can get rid of that stress by sleeping. In a situation of stress we get pressure in our brain so if we try to sleep we fall asleep very quickly and  that sleep can relax our mind  relieve our stress temporarily.

Problem sharing:

  • In order to relieve stress you need to share your problem with whom who can understand your problem without judging you.
  • Spend time with your closest persons like family member or friends etc.
  • By discussing your problem you will get many perspectives from others which will lead you to solve your problem and as well as your stress.



When we walk we get many ideas and thoughts in our brain at that time our thinking process works really quickly, and we can get many ideas to solve our problems that can help to relieve stress from something. So it is a better option to walk for at least 10-15 minutes to get a better effect.

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This is the step which I like the most to relieve my stress. I recommend meditating for at least 20 minutes alone to get magically benefited. When we do meditation seriously we get all our solution to our problems. And not only solution we can clarify that how important and big your problem is to get stressed. While meditating you ask yourself

  • how the problem matters to you right now
  • what are the solution you have
  • what will be the effect after you start the solution process


In order to maintain our health we need to do exercise every day. When we do exercise our brain gets effected with a positive vibe and so to our body and blood pressure becomes normal, and we feel good. That help us not to get stress so easily. And we become physically and mentally strong enough to handle any situation.

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Food matters a lot in order to get stressed. Actually food is the key which we need to fix first because food gives energy to your body. So we need to eat healthy food like vegetables avoid eating of fast food, junk food or oily food etc. that decrease our strength to face our problems.

Self time And Solution making:

Solitude also help us to not expect anything from others. So to get rid of stress you need your self time when you will talk with yourself only. While talking with yourself alone try to find solution of your that problem which is giving stress to you. We always try to escape the situation which is creating problem for us by doing that sometime we get more stress. So facing the problem or situation would be the best solution about how to get rid of stress.

Get rid of psychological stress-

how to relieve stress

You can try this step also to get rid of stress-

how to relieve stress

Final Thoughts on How to Relieve Stress:

Conflicts, worries and fears cause stress but it is in our hands to give it importance or ignore it. Living in the present rather than living in the past would certainly go a long way in avoiding stress. By doing all the above steps you will surely learn that how you can get rid of stress. You can motivate child also to get yourself fresh. Hope this article will help you and don’t forget to ask questions if you have any and give your valuable feedback. Thank You.

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